Vodafone entertainment pack guide


Help is here!

When you purchase a plan with a built-in entertainment pack, you will have the choice of one of the following super useful packages, for the duration of your contract (lucky you!):

  • Amazon Prime
  • Spotify Premium
  • YouTube Premium

Once your tariff is place (meaning your number has been renewed with the network), you will receive a text message from Vodafone with a link taking you to make your entertainment pack choice; follow the instructions within the link to activate your favoured package… and then enjoy!

If you don’t receive the text from Vodafone, you don’t have to miss out! Text Entertainment to 97613 and the link will be sent to you, free of charge.

It is worth noting that, once you have chosen your preferred entertainment pack, you won’t be able to change it during the contract term.

However, if you sign up for another plan when your current one ends, you will have the option to make your choice again; then, you can choose a different entertainment pack.

If you are moving your number to Vodafone from another network, please do this before activating your entertainment pack to avoid any subscription charges.

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