Business Mobile Solutions Seamless Voice and Data solutions for your business

From just a few mobile handsets, to estates of thousands of mobiles, we talk to you about your requirements, and analyse your data to ensure you have the perfect solution in place. 

Bespoke Solutions

Our customers benefit from a tailor-made package that suits both their immediate and strategic requirements.

A network that suits you

We cultivate strong partnerships with the networks to ensure that we are recommending the best solution for you.

The right handsets

From the latest must-have gadget, to a ruggedised smartphone, we can provide the perfect model for you.

Mobile Workforce

See your workforce come alive with data-rich business mobile plans whilst you retain full visibility and control.

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Bespoke Solutions

At DRC, we don’t just take the attitude that one size fits all. During our 30 years of experience, we have developed sophisticated tariff analysis tools, which give us the opportunity to review your current mobile estate and make recommendations that are bespoke for you, based on your current usage. Whether you have one or two mobiles in your business, or thousands, we are confident that we can offer the best solution for you.

A network that suits you

Our account managers check coverage in your main business locations. As we work with you to recommend the best options, you can be sure that you end up with a solution that just works. We believe in forming strong relationships with all networks to offer you the best deal for your business, with impeccable service.

We can help you find a proper solution for your small businesses. We can find a contract suited to your small business needs for an appropriate communication system to reach out to your customers.


Handsets that are right for your business

From the latest on-everyone’s-lips model to a robust shatterproof option, we can work with you to recommend and supply handsets that are designed to fit your specific business needs. Whether you need a mobile fit for a construction site, a small business, or a perfect solution for a mobile workforce with complete Mobile Device Management, we can find the ideal model for you.

Mobile Workforce

Current estimates are that UK data usage increases by 1% every single week, and there is no sign of that slowing. See your workforce come alive with our data-rich business mobile plans combined with a hosted telephony system, empowering your team to work efficiently from any location whilst allowing you complete control and visibility of their productivity.

Having a mobile workforce allows your employees to work from anywhere, providing significant advantages for your business. Allowing calls to enter through your business and having a straightforward contacting system for your workforce.


Stay Connected with DRC

Staying connected wherever you work, live and do business is now more important than ever. We understand that it’s a key priority for you to be there for your customers.

We offer a flexible approach to buying mobile that allows you to keep your options open, always be in control and have peace of mind.

With a DRC Mobile Solution, you can:

  • All data plans are 5G-ready

    We have plans for you that are 5G compatible and will use the latest 5G networks for faster communication.

  • A wide range of contract lengths to suit your needs

    We have different contacts based upon your company’s financial state, and we can find the best for you.

  • 100 & 200 international minutes

    You will be able to have international calls within 100 and 200 minutes. This allows your company to handle long calls outside your country.

  • Stay connected and avoid out of plan data charges with Data +

  • Extra value benefits such as Entertainment

  • Be There for Your Customers

    You’ll have unlimited minutes, texts and picture messages. And take advantage of Data+, which keeps you connected even if you exceed your data allowance.*

  • Keep Your Options Open

    Add roaming and international bolt-ons, or more data as and when you need it.

  • Be in Control of What You Spend

    Our solution includes cost-capping and usage notification options, so you won’t get any surprises on your bill.

  • Dial Stress-Free outside the UK

    Take advantage of 100 and 200 international minutes included in your plan for calling abroad to an unrivalled number of destinations on 24-month and 36-month plans. Plus use your plan at no extra cost on 50 destinations around the world.

  • Know We’re Always There for You

    Communicate with confidence, knowing you’ve got the backing of a business that is on top of your mobile estate – leaving you to concentrate on your own business.

Why DRC?

Dedicated Account Manager

You will be allocated your own account manager, who will act as the communication arm of your business. With direct access to them, you don’t need to worry about being ‘just a number’ or sitting on hold in a call centre queue if you ever have a query.

With someone who will be able to reach almost any time, we can assure you that you won’t be left in a pickle.

Control your Costs

We can provide quarterly tariff analysis reports to you, which consider your spending over the past three months and forecast your future spend. As a result, you can be sure you are in safe hands and that you will always be on the tariff that is most appropriate for your needs. 

So no worries about overspending the budget that your company has.

One Supplier, Impeccable service

With your entire estate under one roof, managing your communications portfolio couldn’t be more straightforward.
We are proud of our reputation for service excellence and are eager to show you what we can do.

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At DRC our strategy is simple – we take the best products and solutions in the business and wrap that around a brilliant service – giving your staff communications they can rely on and freeing you up to do what you do best – grow your business!

Why not fill out this short questionnaire and let us see if there is a way we can help you work more efficiently and save money?

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