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Connectivity has become the 4th utility for UK businesses. With many business tools now being run in the cloud, we have never been so reliant on data.At DRC we understand that not one size fits all. Choosing the best speed, resilience, and service levels, for the right price, can be less than straightforward. Our expert team will be on hand to help you pick the right solution and take care of you from the installation period, all the way through to in-life support and advice.In recent years, developments have meant that you can now get a lot more bandwidth for your money – leased lines used to be the domain of bigger organisations. You may now be surprised to see how affordable these solutions are. With a connectivity option in place that has been bespoke-designed, you will find that business-critical applications suddenly just work more smoothly.

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Business Broadband

Perfect for smaller businesses or satellite offices looking for the most cost-effective solution

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Leased Line DIA

Ideal for businesses looking for the fastest, high performing connectivity with guaranteed fix times

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Mobile Internet

Get online instantly over 4G or 5G and support homeworkers, or use as a backup

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Why DRC for your Connectivity Needs?

Team of Experts with over 30 years’ experience

We only work with best-in-breed suppliers

Variety of fix-time
SLAs available

Comprehensive range of solutions perfect for your business

Unparalleled support

We won’t blind you with jargon

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