5G for Business Free Your Workforce

As the UK moves to embrace 5G technology, early adopters will find that it provides freedom and choice for its mobile workforce.

No desktop computers or cumbersome cables; just real-time, super-fast connectivity. Your workforce will be free to work effectively and efficiently from any location.

As more UK businesses move to a hybrid working model, your team can be empowered to make choices about their work-life balance without sacrificing productivity.

5G unlocks the power of IoT, as many more devices can be seamlessly connected in the same area without loss of service. 5G cities will become efficient hubs with thousands of devices transmitting real time data, remote surgery and even driverless cars.

Can you imagine downloading an HD film in five seconds? The same movie would take 10 minutes to download over 4G and a whole day over 3G!

At DRC we have access to a number of 5G devices, not limited to just mobile devices, but we can also provide you with a Vodafone 5G GigaCube – allowing all your colleagues from one space to connect to 5G.

Check your postcode to see if your address is 5G ready yet:

Dedicated Account Manager

You will be allocated your own account manager, who will act as the communication arm of your business. With direct access to them, you don’t need to worry about being ‘just a number’ or sitting on hold in a call centre if you ever have a query.

Control Your

We can provide quarterly tariff analysis reports to you, which take into account your spend in the past three months and forecast your future spend. As a result, you can be sure you are in safe hands and that you will always be on the tariff that is most appropriate for your needs.

One Supplier, Impeccable service

With your full estate under one roof, managing your communications portfolio couldn’t be more straightforward. We are proud of our reputation for service excellence and are eager to show you what we can do.