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We provide our customers with a complete range of solutions to help them run efficiently. Our range of Business Essentials helps our clients achieve their business goals including growth, compliance and customer service.

Music on Hold

Did you know that 80% of callers who are left in silence will abandon the call within one minute? What is a prospective customer worth to you? Info on hold can be a valuable way to inform your customers of opening times, products or special offers. A professional greeting can say a lot about your brand, even to the simplest option of reassuring your clients they have dialled the right number. Listen to our Info on Hold recording or do some testing yourself by clicking here. Get in touch with us to transform your customers’ on hold experience in a professional and cost-effective way.

Call recording can be a requirement for compliance purposes, in terms of MiFID recording or PCI compliance. Other businesses see the value of recording calls for dispute resolution, or staff monitoring and training. Whatever your requirement, you can trust us to help you put the right solution in place according to your needs.

In addition to hosted phone systems, it is now possible to record calls on most mobile devices, which helps our colleagues in sectors such as finance to maintain compliance even when mobile.

Call Recording

Vehicle Tracking

Keeping track of your equipment and colleagues can be vital to many businesses. If you have lone workers, their safety is paramount and the ability to track them can form a vital part of your risk assessment. The tools we deploy allow your team to check in and out of meetings and appointments, will alert you if an appointment overruns and even allow your colleague to hit a panic button if something has gone wrong.

Our telematics systems allow you to track not just where a vehicle is, so you can optimise the movement of your team, but also monitor driving style and economics. Using a simple traffic light system we can feed back to the drivers exactly what the office is seeing. This helps you and your team ensure the quality of driving within your business and that your fleet is being used for the correct purposes, as well as protect your valuable business reputation.

Did you know that a staggering 34,000 mobile phones were lost on the London tube network last year alone? With an increasing number of the UK workforce going mobile with business software and documents accessible on apps, a good portion of these could represent a loss of data, or a GDPR data breach.

Our device management solution is fully scalable which ensures the mobiles and tablets used within your business are compliant and secure. A single portal gives you complete control of your organisation’s devices and, just as importantly, your company data. Lock or wipe devices from a central location at any time of the day or night. The solution can be deployed quickly and effortlessly across your entire mobile estate – even including personal devices being used in a work environment (often referred to as BYOD). You are in full control of the hosting – behind your own firewall, in our secure data centres or as a hybrid installation.

Mobile Device Management and Data Security