VoIP PHONE SYSTEMS Set Your Workforce Free

It’s easy to see why the UK telecoms market has been moving away from clunky outdated on-premise phone solutions. Hosted telephony, or VoIP, is an easy-to-use, easy-to-configure option that stops your workforce being tied to a desk. Calls are made via the internet rather than over traditional phone lines, so all you need is reliable connectivity to make and receive high quality calls. From a simple set up with a couple of licences, to a sophisticated call centre solution, we can offer the optimum set up for your business.

As the trend for workforces moves towards being mobile and agile, colleagues can choose between a traditional handset, PC soft client or mobile soft client, really personalising the experience depending on roles and preferences.

Our solution delivers the full suite of Unified Communications features, integrations, and fully supported hardware to mobilise your workforce in an affordable, efficient way. You can relax, knowing that your team are working on the most up-to-date version that integrates seamlessly with the rest of your business.

Our solution delivers the full suite of Unified Communications features, integrations, and fully supported hardware to mobilise your workforce in an affordable, efficient way. You can relax, knowing that your team are working on the most up-to-date version that integrates seamlessly with the rest of your business.

Set Your Workforce Free

Easy to set up and use

We will hold your hand during the implementation of your new VoIP system, whether you have an IT team to implement in-house, or you use our engineers.


Say goodbye to expensive maintenance contracts and clunky PBX systems. Pay for the number of extensions you need, with the cost of calls included.


Unlock a wealth of inclusive call handling features at no extra charge, to ensure your customers are as delighted with the service as your colleagues.


With your phone system safely in the cloud, you are protected from the 2025 switch off and can relax knowing you have a powerful up-to-date telecoms solution in place.

Clever and Efficient Features for Your Business

Our solution delivers an evolving range of advanced call handling and management features through an intuitive interface. Key features include:

Hot Desking

Hot Desking
Screen Sharing

Screen Sharing

Soft and mobile clients

Soft/mobile Client
Robust Handsets

Robust handset options

Auto attendant

Auto Attendant
Directory Services and Click to Dial

Directory services and click-to-dial

Call queuing & parking

Call Queuing & Parking
Instant Messaging

Instant messaging & presence

Compliant call recording

Compliant Call Recording
Voicemail & voice-email transcription

Voicemail & voice-to-email transcription

CRM integration

CRM Integration
Voice and Video Conferencing

Voice & video conferencing

Microsoft Teams integration

Teams Integration
Secure Administration Portal

Secure administration portal

Call whisper & barge

Call whisper & barge
Hunt Groups

Hunt Groups

Intelligent Integration

 The key to any Unified Communications solution is how it integrates with other critical services in your business, improving both productivity and accuracy.

Our platform is plug and play ready for integration with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Sugar CRM, Hubspot, Zendesk, Bullhorn, Pipedrive, Suite CRM, Zoho and Vtiger with new integrations coming on-stream regularly. Less common, web-based CRMs are also catered for, offering both click-to-dial and screen-pop functionality.

We also integrate with Microsoft Teams , offering a cost-effective and resilient solution for voice in a Microsoft world.

Intelligent Integration
Call Recording

Call Recording

Our platform can be enabled for native cloud-based call recording, offering a 90 day rolling archive of your calls, complete with secure data centre storage.

Should you need to retain copies of your call recordings beyond the previous 90 days, the platform enables you to archive recordings to your own Amazon S3, Google Drive, or Dropbox storage solution.

If you’re operating in a regulated industry and need to adhere to strict compliance requirements, such as MiFID II or PCI, we also offer a fully compliant, cloud-based call recording and analytics platform. The Atmos platform comes complete with advanced search and retrieval, 256 bit encryption, long-term immutable storage, and payment platform integration, delivering the ultimate telephony compliance suite.


Wallboards can provide teams with live insight into how they are meeting customer needs and internal quotas, while enabling department heads to identify areas of increased demand that could require additional resource.

Our wallboards display a host of live call statistics across your deployment, enabling you to monitor activity and respond to any performance issues promptly and with minimum disruption. Statistics can be displayed on any web-enabled and connected device, making it perfect for mobile teams.

Wall Boards
Admin Portal

Administration Portal

Our secure, web-based portal enables you to perform a wide range of administrative duties from anywhere.

Add extensions and hunt groups, make configuration changes to call routing, control end-user feature, maintain centralised contact directories and far more. Settings can be centrally configured, deployed, and managed instantly, either by you or the DRC team who can offer a fully-managed service, which most of our customers prefer.

Network Resilience

Businesses want a feature rich and easy-to-use system and a fair price that will scale as they grow. Just as important as each of these, is having a reliable system that won’t let you down. There are a multitude of VoIP systems to choose from with varying levels of security and reliability. 

Our VoIP platform runs from multiple, geographically redundant, UK data centres. Our primary data centre is London Volta, offering industry-leading resilience for connectivity, power and cooling, and is a co-location centre of choice in the heart of the City.

We run load balanced controllers and hosts across advanced Linux Based Dell server clusters, providing additional backup, and connect to the PSTN using direct SS7. IP traffic flows directly over uncontended links, and the platform peers extensively over LINX and LonAP as well as privately, ensuring traffic is handed to other ISPs locally wherever possible.

Network Resilliance

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