DRC don’t sell products;

We find solutions for our clients which help them work more effectively. Once we’ve identified and delivered that solution we remain in contact with our clients and become a trusted advisor in managing the day-to-day communication challenges that businesses face.DRC first did business fitting mobile phone car kits. This wasn’t perhaps as straightforward as it has become, and we had to develop innovative solutions to fit the kits effectively and safely.

Tailored Solutions.

As our expertise and service offering has grown, the approach has remained the same. We know there isn’t a one size fits all solution, and tailor the existing solutions to make them work for you.We also take pride in getting to know our clients and becoming a trusted advisor; what they need and what they want to achieve. This helps us identify and build solutions which are good for our clients now and as they grow.To us, this isn’t just a convenient way of working, it’s a fundamental belief about how business should be done. It’s our DNA.

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