IoT is transforming the way farmers collect data on their crops, livestock and machinery – and it’s enabling them to make more informed decisions about the future. This is having a significant impact on agricultural efficiencies and yields, and giving farmers more control and visibility of their business.

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Moocall for Calving

Calving is a stressful time for farmers, and mortality rates are high. Moocall has developed a remote monitoring IoT device for pregnant cows to tackle this issue. The sensor detects when a cow is close to labour and alerts the farmer.

Measuring Crop Data

IoT sensors enable farmers to measure soil conditions such as moisture, pH levels and temperature. With NB-IoT, they can do that at scale, with sensors as far away as 10km from each other. And as the batteries have a 10 year life, they don’t need to be constantly renewed.  

Boosting Productivity

With GPS and IoT technology farmers can track vehicles and plant seeds with incredible precision – improving yields. And the future of self-driving tractors will mean farmers could raise a crop from seed to harvest without touching it.