How Can You Make Microsoft Teams Work for Employee Culture?

woman drinking from a mug while on a video conferencing call on a computer

Employee satisfaction and the office culture can play a huge role in the success of a business. Microsoft Teams is one of the best video conferencing solutions and most companies now use MS Teams. But how can you ensure you’re getting the most out of the software at your fingertips? 

Using Microsoft Teams to Enhance Your Workplace Culture

By recognising and leveraging the impact that Microsoft Teams can have on your workplace culture, you can increase the value you’re getting from the software and even increase employee satisfaction. To find out how, take a look at the features, functions, and benefits of the popular communication platform: 

Connect Remote Teams

As more businesses transition to permanent homeworking, companies must embrace new management techniques. Fortunately, Microsoft Teams makes it easy to work from home and stay connected with your colleagues. From Microsoft Teams calls and instant messages to video conferences and document sharing, employees can communicate with one another in a variety of ways when you provide them with access to the platform. 

Simplify Collaboration

The advancement of technology means that businesses are increasingly reliant on digital workflows. Whether your employees are office-based or working remotely, you’ll need to ensure that your teams can collaborate effectively. 

Fortunately, MS Teams’ SharePoint functionality enables users to share and access content across a range of app integrations. When teams are united, efficiency and productivity generally increase and morale is boosted, so don’t underestimate the impact that collaboration can have on employee culture as a whole. 

VoIP Calling

Microsoft Teams telephony makes it easy to make and receive calls using any enabled device, which means employees can stay connected from any location. In an era of remote working, the enhanced connectivity offered by a Microsoft Teams phone provides employees with the resources they need to maximise outputs and streamline workflows. 

What’s more – the cost of a Microsoft Teams call can be far lower than traditional telephony expenses. With unlimited minutes and a single monthly payment, Microsoft Teams direct routing enables your company to use MS Teams calling as its primary method of communication and reduce costs in the process. 

Increased Accessibility

Employees need to be able to access vital resources to complete tasks and increase productivity. Failing to provide staff with the hardware or software they require doesn’t just impact efficiency; it can cause unnecessary frustration and a lack of motivation too. By making sure that employees have the best tools at hand, however, you can boost workplace morale and optimise your company’s culture. 

As MS Teams is a cloud-based platform, you can be confident that users will be able to access the tools they need from any internet-enabled device, at any time. An employee can check their emails via a smartphone, complete a sale in the field, rely on a tablet to call a colleague or join a virtual meeting via their laptop, for example. With maximum flexibility and increased accessibility, MS Teams can have a direct impact on employee satisfaction. 

Apps and Integrations

Although Microsoft Teams offers a number of in-built features, it also provides users with numerous integration options, as well as extra plugins and apps. This allows users, teams, and departments to cultivate a unique digital working environment and encourages workers to take ownership of their digital workspace. 

With increased personalisation and enhanced functionality, the range of apps, plugins, and integration options available means that MS Teams can be tailored to meet the needs of your employees and your business as a whole. As you might expect, the ability to create a unique digital workspace only enhances an employee’s working environment and leads to a better workplace culture.

Real-Time Information Sharing

Despite its popularity, remote working can leave people feeling a little disconnected from their colleagues, which is why it’s essential to mitigate this with real-time communication. With Microsoft Teams telephony, users can connect instantly and in real-time via voice calls. Using its VoIP infrastructure, placing and receiving calls over the internet makes it easy for employees to connect with one another or to initiate group chats. 

However, a Microsoft Teams call isn’t the only way to facilitate real-time communication via the platform. Users can share instant messages, jump on a video call, or update a document in real-time too, while the Crisis Communication app makes it easy to share important information with all employees in real-time.

By bringing teams together, you’re fostering unity and building trust between employees. This strengthens team bonds and enables employees to feel valued and recognised, which enhances company culture and leads to verifiable business benefits too. 

Social Engagement

The social aspect of work is important for both employer and employee, so it’s important to maintain this, even when staff are working from different locations. Traditionally, employees might have arranged to meet at the end of the working day or employers might have hosted social events at the office on a regular basis. Now that many people are working remotely or from different office locations, however, face-to-face meetups are becoming less common.

Fortunately, this needn’t prevent you from encouraging employees to take part in work-related social activities. With Microsoft Teams calls and video meetups, a wide range of virtual social events can be scheduled for employees, including quizzes, coffee breaks, ‘share a skill’ sessions, and team lunches. 

Is Microsoft Teams Right for Your Business?

With an extensive range of features and impressive functionality, it’s not surprising that more than 145 million users log in to Microsoft Teams every day. If you’re looking for a communication platform that can future-proof your business, connect your teams, and enhance your company culture, there’s no doubt that Microsoft Teams can help you to achieve your goals. 

At DRC, we understand the importance of creating customised solutions for businesses, which is why our Microsoft Teams direct routing services offer maximum flexibility. To learn more or to find out how MS Teams can enhance your operations, contact DRC now 01256 895895 or email us at [email protected]