10 Promising 5G Use Cases CIOs Should Know

5G Signal Chart

The impact of 5G will be instrumental in a number of ways, from impacting how enterprises conduct business to offering enhanced mobile broadband experiences. It’s been a big topic of conversation among CIOs, but one of the most under-discussed aspects of 5G is its potential to completely change how we interact with machines and objects.

To find out how 5G will impact your future and your business operations, take a look at these 10 promising 5G use cases that every CIO should know about:

1. High-Speed Internet Connectivity, Any Time, Anywhere

Slow internet speeds or dropped connections aren’t just frustrating; they reduce productivity and directly impact your outputs. If you or your employees have slow internet speeds at home or in the office, it can have a damaging effect on efficiency and even reduce employee morale.

With Vodafone GigaCube, however, users can access a 5G internet connection with an average speed of 1Gps. Acting as a portable wireless router, your entire workforce can benefit from enhanced broadband for business and constant access to high-speed internet connections at any time and in any location.

2. Making Autonomous Vehicles a Reality

Autonomous vehicles have hit the news in recent years, but pioneers have been somewhat limited by the available technology. In addition to on-board tech, vehicles will need to have fast, reliable methods of connectivity so that automated communications can be sent and received. This will be critical in optimising road safety and 5G is tipped to be the technology of choice amongst autonomous vehicle manufacturers.

3. Drone Deliveries

Drones are already in use for some purposes but the much-anticipated ‘drone deliveries’ that have dominated CIO news are yet to be rolled out. By incorporating 5G connectivity, however, drones can receive and transmit information more quickly and with increased accuracy. This takes us a step closer to making ‘drone deliveries’ a reality for millions of consumers all over the world and gives retail businesses another USP to boost their profit margins with.

4. Data Collection

The arrival of Big Data has enabled businesses to gain valuable insights into markets, regions, and consumers. In turn, this information has allowed companies to operate with an increased understanding of their target audiences and cater to them more effectively.

Before data can be analysed, however, it needs to be collected. This can be achieved through a variety of methodologies, but cameras, smart monitors, and even mobile usage tracking can be a powerful way to collect valuable information. When this data can be analysed and transmitted at speed, it becomes even more valuable, which is where 5G functionality comes into play.

Using 5G to collect, analyse, and transmit data allows businesses to act upon these insights in real-time. From crowd control at large-scale events to stock management, there are endless ways in which companies can leverage the use of 5G to serve their target markets.

5. Immersive Interactions

Watching a movie or concert gets a whole lot more exciting when you throw 5G technology into the mix. Its combination of high speeds and low latency unleash creativity and make entertainment more immersive than ever before.

From real-time interactions with your favourite movie characters to experiencing a band from the ‘front row’, 5G can ensure that everyone enjoys the best that the entertainment industry can offer.

6. Intelligent Factories

Technology has revolutionised the manufacturing sector and will continue to do so in the future. With 5G functionality, ‘smart factories’ can be controlled by a central system and production lines can be managed with precision. Operating in real-time, outputs can be optimised, efficiency maximised, and quality control could become redundant as machines function with unrivalled accuracy.

7. IoT Becomes a Reality

The Internet of Things, or IoT, enables users to control machines remotely in a way that couldn’t be done before. Although IoT is already in use, its functionality can be limited in some instances. If home appliances are fitted with IoT features, for example, their workability relies on the user’s home broadband delivering fast speeds and reliable connections.

With 5G connectivity, the risk of malfunctions greatly reduces and, therefore, gives manufacturers more scope to incorporate IoT into new products. Additionally, companies can make better use of IoT to control and manage their operations as 5G delivers fast business solutions.

8. Augmented Reality eCommerce

Augmented reality (AR) allows users to blend real-world and digital environments, which can be highly effective when shopping online. With ‘point-and-shoot’ functionality, users can place an item in situ and see exactly what it will look like before deciding to make a purchase. The ability of 5G technology to transmit large amounts of data at fast speeds ensures that AR can be widely used by eCommerce businesses and provide customers with an outstanding UX.

9. Real-Time Collaboration

Now that businesses are operating in new ways, it’s time for advanced technology to come to the fore. With remote working and distributed workforces, for example, high-speed connectivity is essential to ensure that teams can stay connected and collaborate in real-time. Fortunately, the rollout of 5G-enabled devices means that it will be easy for employees and business owners to facilitate instant collaboration and seamless communication.

10. Improving the Service Industry

Combining robotics with 5G technology could lead to a new era within the service industry. Manufacturers are already showcasing how smart devices can ‘serve’ customers using 5G connectivity. For businesses, this concept could enable companies to operate with reduced workforces and greater efficiency, which opens the door for increased profitability and greater commercial performance.

Are You 5G-Ready?

As these 10 use cases show, the arrival of 5G is set to be a gamechanger for both businesses and individuals. If you want to make the most of the possibilities that are on offer, it’s time to ensure that you’re 5G ready.

For business owners and managers, transitioning to mobile business solutions and choosing 5G-ready devices and plans is a critical step towards futureproofing a firm. To learn more or to discuss bespoke mobile business 5G solutions in more detail, contact DRC now on 01256 895895.