01/02 Local Business Numbers Win the hearts of local customers

Having a local business number brings many benefits for local and national businesses. Small companies, for example can have an immediate presence in any local area, helping them to expand their market, or just market themselves as a trusted local business. Bigger national companies can use the number to hint that there is an office just around the corner. Customers, on the other hand will feel more confident in their purchase, thinking they will receive a personal service.

With every DRC 01/02 number comes a bundle of inclusive minutes to suit your needs, some clever call handling technology and disaster recovery. We can offer numbers from every single geographic location in the UK and with the option to add advanced call management features, we can ensure you have the perfect solution for your business needs.

Advanced call handling features for an efficient customer-centric business:

Audio Whisper

This is a handy tool if you manage business calls on a non-dedicated line, such as a mobile, or if you would like to know about the enquiry before you answer it. For example the whisper could tell you ‘accounts enquiry’ or ‘business call for ABC systems’

Pre-Connection Greeting

Choose to play a custom welcome announcement before connecting the call – this looks professional, reassures callers they have reached the right destination and avoids any wated time dealing with a wrong number.

Call recording

Capture all inbound calls to your business, or record on demand. A great value addition if you want to focus on customer retention, customer service training and enhance sales techniques.

Hunt Groups

Hunt groups can be set to try two or more numbers in different ways. This can be great for a small business, for example trying a landline first then a mobile, or for bigger teams it can try multiple numbers simultaneously, or in order, or via a set ratio.

Voicemail to Email

This is a brilliant tool which allows you to personalise your voicemail greeting and then we can deliver the message to up to three email recipients – much easier to share around the business than relying on one person’s voicemail.

Time of Day Routing

Set your core business hours, to streamline your callers’ experience, route calls differently at times when you are shorter-staffed, or during staff meetings. Your business needs don’t need to impact your callers.

Multi Divert

If you want to have a failover situation, where calls originally go to one person then the system attempts others in a list if user 1 is busy, this is the feature for you.

Disaster Recovery

If the unthinkable happened and there was a fault on your phone system, re-route your inbound calls to a number or numbers of your choice, to ensure full business continuity.

Call Queue

This is a sophisticated system that allows your business to accept more calls, even if you don’t have the capacity to answer them straightaway. Announce your special offers to callers in the queue, or play music.

Fax to Email

Many businesses still rely on the traditional fax machine for communication, but it doesn’t mean you have to rely on the piece of plastic in the office. This is a great solution if you have a no carbon footprint target in your business.

Audio Conference Service

Although Teams and video meetings are becoming more commonplace, they are much harder to dial in to if you are on the road. Offer a friendly number that can come out of your callers’ bundled minutes and record the calls to act as minutes.

Missed Call Alerts

Never miss a call again! Be alerted to who has called you, even if they have hung up before the call has connected. Make sure your teams are on the ball and you aren’t missing valuable enquiries!

Skills Based Routing

Allow your remote workers to log in or out of hunt groups according to their skill set and working patterns. Allow your admin users to manage agents and monitor performance via a mobile app. A brilliant addition to a remote workforce.

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